Announcing Noble Biocare Implant Options

Announcing Noble Biocare Implant Options

Mohip Dental & Associates of Wellington is pleased to announce that we are now offering Nobel Biocare Implants. Both Mohip Dental & Associates of Wellington and Nobel Biocare share the same philosophy, in that they both strive to improve the quality of life for patients with specialized solutions based on need and expectations.

Nobel Biocare has become a prominent company when it comes to dental devices and is also a global leader in groundbreaking restorative dental solutions. The replacements that are offered by the company are completely functional, and will leave your mouth feeling like it would feel naturally and the appearance mimics the natural look of original teeth. When designing their pieces, they design for life. They want you to feel comfortable while providing a practical smile that will last for a lifetime.

The materials that the company uses for create their implants are pure titanium level, and in order to make sure that they are extremely durable, they undergo cold work. There are two typed of drilling bonds, which are tapered and parallel. The most adaptable option is parallel, as it doesn’t require much drilling and has a reflexive fitting for dense bones. A stepwise drilling method is used for tapered implants. Abutments come in three different flexible choices.

Nobel Biocare has a multitude of different tissue and bone level implants for all types of bones and surgical procedures. They also come in a variety of dimensions and lengths. Each is unique, and we will help determine the best option for you.

The most popular type of implants are NobelActive, NobelSpeedy, NobelReplace, and Branemark. The Active implant is a very stable type of implant, as it uses surface technology, allowing prime placement through bone condensing. With the Speedy implant, specific designs are used to maintain superior stability for the soft bone. It is used for immediate functionality and requires the tapered drilling method. Replace implants are suitable for all symptoms and have abridged procedures for implantation. Branemark implants are utilized in more complicated situations, and are the leading implant method that has been used for over forty years.

We look forward to speaking with you about Nobel Biocare Implants, and how we can enhance your smile and your life. Behind a healthy smile is a healthy person, and we would be honored to assist in the process. Please contact us with any questions that you may have, or to schedule an appointment today!