Binding and White Fillings

Sometimes people may discover teeth that are cracked, stained, or even decayed. This condition can happen, whether naturally over time or it may even occur due to a single event. There are different ways to fill up a cracked or stained tooth. One way is through bonding or filling. Bonding or white filling can be used as an alternative to the lost or damaged part of teeth, which are veneers and the amalgams. 


This process is called a cosmetic dental option to where it is replaced or added as part of the tooth to make it appear whole. This white filling cosmetic option is best for those who want only to have plain veneers. Veneers usually come in different types, such as with silver designs or with gold. Normal types of veneer replacements are cheaper than those with mineral properties. They serve the same purpose on the tooth in where it is for binding filling.

The procedure of Binding and White Fillings

The process of binding begins with a checkup from the dentist. The dentist will decide if bonding is a suitable solution and suggest alternative procedures if applicable. 

Assuming bonding is the best option, the next step is for the dentist to identify the area to remove the non-portioned or the decayed part of the tooth. After that, it will be placed with some gel or liquid that will serve as a binding agent when applied. The bonding gel is a composite resin that is then placed on the tooth that it is applied to. After the resin is applied, it’s then polished and trimmed so that it appears natural and feels comfortable. It’s a simple, routine process that can be performed safely. The procedure is also painless because the bonding is applied to the surface of the tooth and doesn’t directly affect the gums. 

The typical reason for a patient to undergo bonding and white filling is to improve the appearance of damaged, decayed, or broken teeth. Those who are self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth due to one of the above reasons may find themselves drawn to the procedure. If you’re interested in having the procedure performed on your teeth then you should talk with your dentist about whether it’s right for you. Good luck!


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