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Periodontics focuses on diseases of the gums and bone

Have you recently eradicated gingivitis or periodontal disease from your mouth and gums?

If so, then you are feeling good about your mouth and gums. Your teeth have no plaque and tartar and you won’t need to visit your dentist again for another year, right?


Many patients are not aware that continued periodontics maintenance is the only sure way to keep gum disease from returning.

Periodontics maintenance should be scheduled and performed regularly at certain intervals after procedures such as scaling and root planing to maintain a clean, and healthy mouth.

Periodontics includes the removal of plaque and tartar, scaling, tooth planing, and polishing. These deep cleanings are important preventative measures to defend against inflammation.

Inflammation can cause the teeth to become loose and start to shift.  This is a serious condition that should be treated right away to prevent irreversible damage to your teeth.  Gum disease can also take a toll on your immune system and lead to further health issues and complications.

Your dentist will determine the frequency the periodontal maintenance is needed.