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Same Day Crowns

Traditional crowns are typically installed across 2-3 visits. Same day crowns (also known as CEREC crowns or chair side crowns) are crowns that are installed in a single visit. This is made possible because of CAD-CAM technology which allows dentists to quickly 3D image your tooth with great precision. Using this image, a machine then carves out a replica of your tooth out of a single block of ceramic.

Same-day crowns offer several advantages over traditional crowns. For one, you save time as they are installed in one visit, whereas traditional crowns are installed over 2-3 appointment sessions. This saves money on the cost of appointments as well as on the cost of a temporary crown installed in the interim. Installation with same day crowns is also more comfortable, as same day crowns don’t require you to undergo clay like impression pastes for your tooth.

Keep in mind there are also some advantages traditional crowns have over same day crowns…<

  • Traditional crowns can provide you with a better smile
  • Metal crowns are more durable and less likely to fracture over time
  • Traditional crowns may fit better in cases where they are fractures below the gum line

All the same, CEREC crowns are best for the following circumstances…

  • Speedy recovery of your looks:  restore your smile in just a couple hours.
  • Safety: with traditional crowns you’re provided with a temporary crown as you wait for your permanent crown to be fully prepared. Temporary crowns typically don’t fit well and it’s possible for them to become loose and fall off. Same day crowns counteract injury.
  • Better preserve the integrity of your tooth, as less drilling is required.
  • Prevent decay that may occur in cases where temporary crowns become dislodged.

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