Are Same Day Crowns Good?

When a patient has an issue with one tooth or multiple teeth, they naturally want to replace them as soon as they possibly can. When you have had a certain smile for all of your years, it is difficult to be comfortable when that smile changes in a negative way.

One way to get the smile back to its original beauty is with the use of a dental crown.

Traditionally, crowns have taken multiple weeks to implant. The dentist had to do an extensive exam, take impressions and X-rays, and send all of their findings to an external laboratory.

The external laboratory would then make the crowns specifically fitted for the patient and send them back. When the crowns were received back by the dentist, they were able to implant them into the patient’s mouth, given proper fitting. This was a very tedious and time-consuming process, and the patients have left longing for their lost smile until the crowns could be placed.

Now, there is a better option! Same-day dental implants are now available for those that are ideal candidates! The dental office is now equipped with the most up to date technology in order to create the ideal fitting for your crowns in the office, at the time of your appointment!

The implants are put in on the same day that the dentist takes the measurements and performs the dental exam. Of course, even though the patient immediately leaves with their restored smile, the implant still takes time to adhere to the bone, and caution should be taken to ensure proper healing.

With a successful same-day crown procedure, there are many advantages. The first, of course, is that the patient is able to leave with their new teeth on the same day that the exam is performed. The patient will not need to wear a partial plate while they wait for their implants to arrive, and they will be able to talk and eat normally with minimal discomfort after the procedure.

There really isn’t a great deal of disruption to everyday activities after a same-day crown procedure. If the patient has lost a tooth or simply doesn’t like the appearance of one or more teeth, same-day crowns could be an ideal option. Since the crown is placed over the natural tooth, it will look perfect! The dentist is even able to match the coloring. After a successful same-day crown procedure, no one will even be able to tell you’ve had dental work done!

There are some disadvantages to same-day crowns as well. Same-day crowns are not a shortcut to the process required to get the implant to adhere to the bone. This process still takes the same amount of time, because the body needs to be able to create new cells to grasp the implant firmly.

For three to six months after a same-day crown procedure, patients should eat softer foods and stay clear of hard candies and gum. Compliance of the patient is the key to the implants healing properly, and failure to comply may make the implants move. This could make the whole procedure a failure.

Same-day dental crowns are not the answer for everyone, and it is best to discuss your treatment plan with your dentist before selecting them.

Simply put, if you are lacking self-esteem due to your smile, contact your dental professional to discuss your options. Same-day crowns may help emotionally, as a way to help with the confidence that one is lacking due to an injury or imperfection in the teeth.

Select an experienced dental professional to perform the procedure, as same-day crown creation requires a lot of skill. 


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