Can Crowns Fix Crooked Teeth?

Crooked Teeth Fix

Many people share the common concern of having crooked teeth. Crooked teeth can be a bit embarrassing, making them a cosmetic concern for patients. Although crooked teeth are mainly seen as a cosmetic issue, it is important to note that oral health can also be impacted. Having crooked teeth can adversely affect your oral hygiene, as well as the overall function of your bite. Fortunately, there are a wide range of treatment options available in order to fix crooked teeth.

How To Fix Crooked Teeth

When one has crooked teeth, it makes it hard to clean all of the mouth surfaces and get in between all of the crevices. Those with cooked teeth are more apt to have tooth decay and gum disease. If the teeth are not cleaned impeccably, bacteria start to develop, leading to infections and periodontal diseases.

There is also a negative impact on bite comfort and function for those that have crooked teeth. Most even experience symptoms mirroring those of TMJ. TMJ is a chronic pain disorder that is brought on by trauma to the jaw joint or an irregular bite.

While there are many different treatment options for crooked teeth, porcelain crowns are a great method. With the top of the line dentistry equipment available, your dental professional is able to provide those with crooked teeth a beautiful resolution. Treatment will vary, depending on the severity of the condition and the desired result.

Dental crowns mask the entire tooth, like a cap. For cases where there are concerns with the stability or health of the actual tooth, this is the method of choice. Those crooked teeth will be straight in almost no time at all!

Dental crowns are actually one of the most common dental procedures. Thousands of people take part in crown procedures daily to fix the appearance of their crooked teeth. Although some people are afraid of dental procedures, dental crowns should not be a procedure to shy away from. Crowns are a logical fix for dental imperfections, as they are fixed prosthetic restorations.

How do Dental Crowns Work?

Dental crowns are permanently adhered to the cracked or decayed teeth, completely encasing the damaged area above the gum line. They are custom made and can be made out of ceramic, gold, resin, or porcelain and metal.

With crowns, weak, broken, crooked, and cracked teeth will not be damaged any further. Crowns restore the shape, alignment, and appearance of teeth that have been damaged. They will look natural, and they will not stand out. They will simply give you the smile that you have been longing for!

The durable materials that the crons are made of will withstand the weight of chewing, just as your real teeth would. A crown is essentially a cover for the top portion of your teeth that will both protect and improve the appearance of the natural tooth. Typically, it usually takes about two weeks for the crowns to be sent back to the dentist from the laboratory after the dentist sends the impressions. This ensures that the crown will fit properly, and they are specifically made for you. Until the crowns come back from the lab, you will have a temporary crown applied by the dentist. An alternative to traditional crowns is the same-day crown, which is a type of crown that can be created and adhered to the same day as your initial appointment. Your dentist will be able to determine which type of crown will suit you best, ensuring that you will get the result you are looking for to fix your crooked teeth and get you the smile of your dreams! Contacting the dental professional is the first step in gaining back the self-confidence you need.


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