Invisalign Treatments Using iTero Intraoral Scanner

If you are looking for the very best piece of equipment to handle your dental needs, look no further than the iTero Intraoral Scanner. It doesn’t take up much space, but delivers great results. It is the newest technology at your fingertips, every time.

Moving your teeth into a certain direction can prove to be difficult, but with Invisalign treatments and invisible trays it is a bit simpler. Say goodbye to traditional metal braces! To get started, dental imprints, x-rays, and pictures will be taken to ensure that the correct measurements are taken when creating your personalized trays to move your teeth into the ideal location. While we can predict treatment times with the help of technology, it is important to remember that every case is unique, and treatment times may vary. A virtual representation of your teeth after treatment is even available to show you how your new smile will look! From person to person, treatment times will vary due to the severity of the case and how much moving is required. The plastic used to create the trays is BPA free, and will not cause any harm or irritation to your teeth or gums. They are comfortable to wear for up to 22 hours daily.

Not only do straight teeth give you a more appealing smile, they also benefit your health! iTero Intraoral Scanners are designed to create the perfect straight smile for a happier, healthier you! If you have inflamed, red gums, your teeth are probably too wide spread, or crowded. With these symptoms, periodontal issues can arise, so it is important to correct the issue as soon as possible. Easier cleaning and flossing are a few benefits of straight teeth, which makes for less bacteria and an overall healthier mouth. Bacteria can cause gum disease and even start to decay your teeth. Tender gums, mouth sores, bad breath, and toot loss are all clues that something is going amiss and needs to be addressed quickly. By choosing Invisalign treatments, you are choosing the ideal route to a healthier mouth and straighter teeth.

To show the outcome of Invisalign treatments, an iTero scanner is used. This machinery makes it less likely to have fit issues, less rejections, a fifty percent quicker ClinCheck set up, simulated client results, and an easier client experience. These awesome scanners have already been utilized for over three million orthodontic, restorative crown, bridge, and implant procedures! Of these three million, one million were for Invisalign scans. It is safe to say that the iTero Scanner is leading the way!

To give your dental facility in the right direction, the iTero Intraoral Scanner is ideal. This next generation piece of scanning equipment delivers more accuracy, saved time, and great results! Patients feel great about their new smile, the experience itself, and the overall procedure!


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