Same Day Crowns VS “Regular” Crowns

The typical dental crown process takes multiple appointments with a dentist and about a week to restore a damaged tooth. With same day crowns, the process can be completed in just one day, and you will have a brand new smile when you leave the dentist’s office. It only takes a few hours!

To understand the difference between same day crowns and traditional crowns, the traditional crown process will be explained first. The initial step to the procedure is to take an impression of all the teeth being restored with a putty-like material (similar to how they make a mouth guard). The dentists decide what type of crown will suit you best (porcelain/ceramic, metal, or porcelain fused to metal). The dentist then sends the impressions of your teeth to a lab, who prepares a personalized crown for you. This process takes up to a week, and an additional appointment needs to be booked when they are ready. The dentist may give you a temporary crown while you are waiting in order to protect the damaged tooth. Temporary crowns are made of a resin material and aren’t very comfortable, as they aren’t a perfect fit. Diet restrictions may also be necessary. At the second appointment, the dentist will insert the crown and make minor adjustments if they are needed. The crown is then glued to your tooth.

With same day crowns, a ceramic material is used. Computer aided designing and manufacturing make it possible for them to be created the same day. The dentist prepares the tooth and uses a special camera to take 3D pictures of your tooth, which mitigated the need for impressions to be made. Then, with the help of the computer, the dentist is able to design a 3D image of your tooth and crown with exact measurements. The design is tweaked for all the necessary measurements. When the dentist feels that the design is ready, a machine carves a replica of the computer design and makes the ceramic crown. Then, it is glued to your tooth! Over the past few decades, this technology has been perfected, all the way from preparation to fixing the final crown. A temporary crown isn’t needed, and you will be leaving with your perfect teeth a few hours after sitting in the dental chair.

Same day crowns save you time, money, and the feeling of being uncomfortable. Because there are no additional appointments needed, you have more time to do what you need and want to do. Additionally, since there is only one appointment needed, you are saving on appointment fees, as well as the fee for a temporary crown. That temporary crown would only cause discomfort- and you don’t need it with same day crowns! Same day crowns are a great asset to the field of dentistry and will have you feeling better about your smile in no time at all!

If you are considering a dental crown and are torn between the traditional method, and the same day method, we will be able to help you decide what would be the best fit for you.


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