The Pros and Cons of Veneer Teeth

Just as you can get false fingernails, dental veneers serve as false teeth! There is new state of the are technology available for the application of the veneer to enamel or dentin, which makes the veneer the go-to for cosmetic dentistry. When applied correctly, the veneer can last a decade or longer. It will not change color over time, due to being made from porcelain. They do not have any metal or zirconia inside of them. Your tooth is shaved down a bit, and a veneer is placed over it for application. There are multiple pros and cons that go along with getting veneers, and we will take time to go over them today.

Let’s begin with the pros of Veneer Teeth!

  • It is a quick and simple procedure to apply veneers.
  • Veneers are typically inexpensive compared to alternatives.
  • They last for about ten years, which makes them low maintenance.
  • Your teeth are protected from staining and any new damage when covered by the veneer.
  • Applying veneers is noninvasive.
  • Daily brushing and regularly scheduled check-ups are the only maintenance required for the veneers. No more than your usual routine!
  • A great alternative to braces in some cases.

The Cons Of Veneer Teeth.

  • Before being fitted, some of the tooth must be shaved off.
  • You my feel sensitivity after the veneers are placed.
  • If you suffer from excessive grinding or biting, the veneers could be damaged.
  • If you have bruxism, you may have to wear a mouthguard.
  • They are not a permanent solution and will eventually need to be replaced.
  • If luting cement is used to fill gaps, it can discolor over time.

Dental veneers look appealing and last for an extended amount of time when properly applied and cared for. This makes them a popular and cost effective choice for those looking to enhance their smile, and their lives!  There are only a few drawbacks as mentioned but nothing that would keep most people form pursuing this.



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