The Wonders of Waterlase – Bilaase Laser Periodontal Surgery Done Right

For some, going to the dentist always results in a fearful feeling, as they don’t want to be told that they have a dental issue that requires drilling or other invasive methods. They are still living with the traditional dental methods embedded in their minds, without knowing that there is a new method available that can be used to treat multiple dental issues with minimal discomfort and inconvenience to the patient. This new treatment makes fear of the dentist a thing of the past, and will bring those that have refused to make appointments come back to work on their smile!

Waterlase offers a solutions for many different types of dental issues, and it is a great alternative to traditional methods that have been used over the years. Since it was cleared for use by the FDA in the late 1990’s, many patients have been option for this method of treatment. Laser energy and a water spray allow dentists to perform multiple procedures with less trauma to the patient. Over time, more and more procedures have been authorized with this method, and it seems that there are just more opportunities to come.

With a normal drill used in dentistry, patients feel uncomfortable due to the noise, pressure, vibrations, and the heat that they feel during the procedure. This is all eliminated with Waterlase! It is also a much more accurate form of treatment, as bone and gums are prepared to perfection while other areas in the mouth are left untouched and unharmed. Oral growth removal, periodontal treatments, cosmetic treatments, tooth removal, tongue tie removal, gum recession prevention, crown lengthening, and deep pocket therapy can all be done with Waterlase! It can even relieve the pain associated with cold sores and fever blisters.

In addition to the procedures completed with Waterlase being more comfortable for the patients, and having more precise results, the process is also more convenient. You will be able to leave the office faster than if you had a procedure with a traditional drill being utilized. This is because you are less likely to need an injection during treatment! When anesthesia isn’t used, the dentist can do more work during the visit. This results in less visits, and more time for yourself! Less bleeding and reduced swelling are also great benefits of opting for the Waterlase method of treatment.  This one of the reasons why Mohip has added this technology to our Wellington FL Office.

Many people considering dental work may question the safety of Waterlase dentistry, but you have to realize that lasers have been used for years- even on the eyes for Lasik surgery! Just as Lasik is the most advanced technique for eye surgery, Waterlase is the most advanced form of dental technology! The lasers used for procedures are called BIOLASE, and they have been used on over a million patients to date. Waterlase was created as a way to specifically repair decaying teeth and gums and to treat tissues in the mouth in a safe and comfortable manner.

Waterlase works by the laser emitting a special highly concentrated light energy. It then sends the energy through optical fibers to its handpiece. The dentist then aims the mechanism at the exact area that needs treatment as a gentle spray of water flows. This is called Hydrophotonics, and allows for comfortable and accurate treatment.

The enamel of the human tooth is the hardest material in the body. This is why high powered drills were used to work on it in the past, but Waterlase provides a gentle alternative while producing even better results! You will feel and see the difference in a positive light, and be proud to show off your beautiful (and healthy) smile!


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