Why You Should Guard Your Smile With A Custom Mouth Guard

For those that have issues at night with grinding their teeth or clenching the jaw, a mouth guard may have been suggested by your dentist. When you grind your teeth or clench your jaw repeatedly, you can cause a lot of damage to your mouth. It could even lead to multiple root canals, bridges, crowns, and tooth loss. For this reason, mouthguards are important! Mouth guards are available both over the counter and at your dentist’s office. While your dentist may charge a bit more for your custom mouth guard, it is just that– custom.

How The Custom Mouth Guard Is Mad

When purchasing a mouth guard from your dentist, they will take a mold of your teeth with dental putty. It forms to all the cracks and crevices of each tooth to make an exact replica of your smile. Then, the mold is used in the office, or sent to a lab. The office or lab then creates the mouth guard based on the shape and size of your mouth. It is made by layering extremely hot plastic precisely, and then cooling it to ensure ultimate durability. It will form to your mouth, and be the most comfortable to wear at night, since it is an exact fit for your mouth. No adjustments will be needed. They can even be made for sports!

What Good Is A Mouth Guard From A Dentist?

Dentist issued mouth guards are very effective when it comes to preventing grinding of the teeth since they are custom fit. They even have different thicknesses based on the severity of your night grinding. Jaw strain is reduced, and the jaw muscle is positioned in a way that will prevent long term clenching and grinding during the day and at night.

The level of protection offered by dentist issued mouth guards is unwavering. They are snug and form fitting, so there is no unwanted movement. Custom mouth guards won’t lose their shape over time, like those purchased at a convenience store. Depending in the level of wear and tear on the custom mouth guard, it may have to be replaced every few years. The shape of the teeth and mouth can also change over time, so a new guard would need to be molded.

Most mouth guards are fit for only the upper teeth, but in rare situations, they may be fitted for the bottom teeth Because they aren’t generic and available for purchase over the counter, dentist issued mouth guards are completely custom and provide the ultimate protection for your mouth.

After receiving your mouth guard from your dentist, it is important that you wear it! Some people purchase their mouth guards, and then forget to put them in at night. They can’t do their job if they aren’t in your mouth! When making this type of investment, one must be committed to the process. Just like brushing daily, the guard must be used daily.

Bring your mouth guard to ever dental appointment so they can make sure that it is still fitting properly and aligns with your teeth. This will prevent incorrect wear, sizing, and potential pain.

Custom mouth guards that are created by your dentist truly provide the best protection available, are very durable, and will protect the teeth and reduce jaw tension at the same time. If you feel that a mouth guard would be the right fit for you, talk to your dentist about the issues you are having at night so they can determine your specific needs. Mouth guards aren’t always the answer to a problem, but they are very beneficial for those that clench their jaws, grind their teeth, and play certain sports. Whether it be day or night, it is important to protect your teeth!


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