ZOOM To A Whiter Smile!

The first think that people notice when being introduced to a new friend or business partner is their smile. A pearly white smile tends to draw you right in! Many people long for whiter teeth, as over time the elements teeth are exposed to tend to tarnish and stain them. There have been many treatment options available over the years either in the dental office, or even at the local drug store. None have worked as quickly and effectively as ZOOM! I would recommend ZOOM to anyone looking for a whiter, brighter smile in a minimal amount of time.

With ZOOM treatment at the dental office, the strongest whitening agents are used in order to safely and effectively complete your treatment. You will experience minimal sensitivity, and an instantly brighter smile. You may just see yourself smiling the whole day through!

There are two options available for you at the dental office, and your dentist will be able to assist you in determining which one will work best for you. It all depends on how how much you are able to spend, the amount of time you have, and your desired results.  Also, the effectiveness will vary if you have veneers or not.

QuickPro ZOOM Teeth Whitening Treatment

First, there is the QuickPro option of ZOOM. This is a great way to kick start the process of whitening or to simply touch up that beautiful smile. It is affordable, and provides immediate results. In only thirty minutes, you will get a smile up to four shades brighter than when you initially sat down in the office chair! The dentist will determine the shade of your teeth, prep your mouth and gums, apply whitening varnish to each tooth, and apply a protective sealant. Both the varnish and sealant dry almost instantly. After application, you will be on your way to enjoy your day! The only aftercare step is to brush off the varnish that has dried after thirty minutes of application.

WhiteSpeed ZOOM Teeth Whitening Treatment

Second, there is the WhiteSpeed option of ZOOM. With this method, you will get the most dramatic whitening results. By spending and extra forty-five minutes in the dental chair, you will leave with a smile up to eight shades whiter! The dentist will determine your current shade. Then, they will prepare your mouth and gums, apply a layer of advanced whitening gel, and shine an LED light onto the teeth. These three steps are repeated three times. After the process is complete, the dentist will put on an after treatment that tones up that brightness! With this option, you also receive a complete whitening kit (including trays), so you can touch up that gorgeous smile on demand!

The ZOOM whitening method was created with those longing for a whiter smile in mind. With both methods, you will leave with a brighter, whiter smile. It truly depends on your personal preference as to what option you prefer to pick. The whitening treatment can be booked by itself, or added on to your regular dental visit at the time of service. Since it is an quick, in-office procedure, you will be ready to go and enjoy your day in minimal time! You will leave more confident than when you first sat down in the chair, and those around you will surely notice that smile!

If you have tried whitening treatments in the past, either in office or at home, and were disappointed, don’t be afraid to try ZOOM. It has been professionally formulated to give you the best results possible, and we are sure you will be impressed after your whitening session. It is the most widely recognized and dentist recommended whitening solution. Contact a professional today to get started!


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